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Jaguars 17 Titans 6: Quick Recap

Not a whole lot to say about that one.  It is obvious that this team has quit.  They don't have the focus to remember their assignments or the snap count.  They don't block anyone.  They don't catch the ball.  They don't tackle.  Even the guys on the CBS postgame show were saying that this team has quit. 

It is time for Jeff Fisher to be out.  Plain and simple.  No more talk of career records, playoff failures or anything like that.  This is about him not being able to get any sort of effort out of his team for two straight weeks when they controlled their own destiny.  That is just inexcusable.  I just can't see how Bud Adams can let him come back again next year.  This team needs a new message and a new leader.

I haven't even looked at if this mathematically eliminates the Titans are not, but it doesn't matter.  The season is over.  It was really over when Vince Young banged his hand on the helmet of that Redskins defender, but this team with that effort can't beat anyone in the NFL, and we have no reason to believe that we are going to see anything different for the rest of the season.

I will have more to say about this game tomorrow.  Join us tonight at 9 central for MCM Radio.