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Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans : Keys to Victory

  1. Give Chris Johnson the ball. It's just common sense that the most talented offensive player on this team definitely needs to get the ball, but that didn't happen last week. Last week's measly performance embarrassed Chris Johnson, and will have him motivated for redemption this week. I saw a stat somewhere that typically, running backs tend to have great games a week after their worst career game. Jacksonville's defense has been kind to Johnson in his five career games, with an average of 116 yards per game and 5.9 yards per carry. In the Titans' wins this year, CJ has gotten the ball an average of 26 times, while in losses he has gotten the ball an average of 16 times.
  2. Back to basics. It's becoming a cliché, but the Titans need to get back to Titans football. That is the type of football they play best, hard hitting, fight-for-your-yards football. Kerry Collins is expected to start. We saw that his deep ball was lacking this year, though his broken finger probably contributed to whiffed balls. Collins will probably go to the run game and short passes frequently, though with a new guy calling plays, we don't know what to expect..  Remember, Collins managed to beat the Jaguars in the Monday night matchup seven weeks ago.
  3. Bring the heat. After an amazing start, the Titans defensive line has cooled down in terms of pressure. The Titans' D-line is very banged up, with Sen'Derrick Marks, Jason Babin, Dave Ball, Jason Jones, and Tony Brown all on the injury report. Last time the Titans got pressure on Garrard, he was clearly flustered, and was eventually knocked out with a concussion. Interceptions will also be key. The Jaguars have a horrid -13 give/take ratio. David Garrard is third in the AFC with 11 interceptions thrown, and the Titans are first in the AFC with 15 intercepted passes.