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The Vincent Fuller Mystery

John Glennon of the Tennessean caught up with Vincent Fuller yesterday, and he sounds a lot like a guy who is ready to move on when asked if he would return for the final year of his contract:

That remains to be seen," Fuller said. "Any game could be your last. Any season could be your last. You just have to roll with those punches and we’ll see how it turns out.

(The season) has been frustrating for myself as well as a lot of others, so that just comes with the game. It has its ups and downs, and how you respond to them is what matters most.

The circumstances surrounding Fuller's demotion were a bit odd. He has been the starting nickel for a couple of years now and seemed to be doing a good job, but when Jason McCourty came back from his injury they moved Alterraun Verner to nickel in the package and put McCourty outside. Now we all understand why Titan coach would want ATV on the field as much as possible, but it didn't really make sense why he would have ATV playing two positions instead of just leaving him outside all of the time.

Fuller is listed as the back-up to Michael Griffin at free safety on the Titans depth chart.  I don't really understand why they haven't ever given Vinny a shot at safety.  I am not saying he should play over Griff, but it would sure be nice to see him at strong safety instead of Chris Hope for a game.

More than anything the whole demotion seems weird because it goes against everything that Titans coach usually does.  We have seen him run guys out there time and time again that weren't playing well anymore, but he sits Fuller down when he didn't do anything noticeable wrong.  Maybe he lied about a fishing trip..