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Week-17 Reflection

Dear MCM/titan fans,

This will be the last write-up during the 2010 season.

This will be a reflection of the season as a whole. It has been a season with many ups and downs. We started off so fast and then fizzled out and started to lose. Not all bad losses, but losses all the same. I will break down the season in the next 4 paragraphs.

The beginning of the year was so exciting, the beginning of this roller coaster season. We started off with the big win against the Raiders, which my family was able to see me live at LP field. This was the start of my NFL career and even though I played maybe 12 plays, it was fun to officially be a part of the NFL. Then we lose to the Steelers in a tough one. Then we get to the Giants game, where I have been mostly just been a special teams contributor. We are winning this game and unfortunately J-Mac gets hurt and my name is called up. I was surprised and a little nervous that I am just thrown into the fire against Eli Manning and company in crutch times. We got the win and it felt good to be in the defense right then and there. Then the next week came and I started against Denver. A very memorable event with my first career start in the NFL and it just so happened to be the first time they announce the starting line-up on defense at LP. So that was exciting. I had a lot of adversity in that game, going against Brandon Lloyd most of the time. This game also help prepare me for the rest of the season. Unfortunately we let that one slip away in the end though.

Then we traveled to Dallas, which was a game I couldn’t wait to play because I know so many Cowboy fans. My friends Marci and Frank Guzman from college came to the game and also one of my best friends from High School Donell Williams came to watch me play. This was a nail bitter of a game, but we pulled it off and I was able to record my first career interception. It was a great feeling to get that first one in such a crucial time. Then the following week and we play on Monday Night against Jones-Drew and company. We probably played one of our best games and I got my 2nd int. I have always wanted to play on Monday night so it was cool to finally be able to do that and get a win.

Then we played the Eagles and crawled our way back into a win behind the back of Kenny Britt.

Then we suffer 6 straight losses. Not too much need to be explained during this time. The visit to San Diego was sweet for me because I was able to be close to my homeland. Saw a lot of people from my high school and others. Also liked visiting Miami, which I ran into my good friend/fellow UCLA cornerback Michael Norris and Chris meadows. He is out there working towards getting into med school. Then in Houston, I was able to see my dad’s stepsister and family. So those moments were special because these people took the time to come watch me play out of their busy lives. Special shout out to my girlfriend Sina’e who came and visited me during the Thanksgiving break and helped me enjoy that time. We cooked and enjoyed the season of thanks and giving. Her family also traveled out to see me play against the Redskins. So that was a special treat for me as well. She also just recently came to visit me on Christmas, so I could have company for the holidays.

So then we finally broke the losing streak against Houston and I was able to record my 3rd int. however we followed that up with a loss to KC, which ended our playoff hopes.

So overall, it was a season I will never forget. I enjoyed playing and being a part of this organization this year. My teammates are great and the environment and community is great as well. I think I gained very valuable experience this year and hopefully I can build on it to further progress into next year. I have been extremely blessed and fortunate to start the majority of the year and I hope I did not disappoint with my play. There is a lot for me to learn still, but I am excited for the possibility and promise. I really had to sit back many times this year and say am I really playing against A. Johnson, Peyton Manning, Troy P., Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, etc… It is still very surreal to me.

I dislike how we did not make the playoffs. I felt we had a great shot of making it and winning the division. Just did not happen, but much for us to build on for next year. What better way to start that journey, but with a win against the Colts at their Stadium? I am going to miss putting on the Titan uniform and now got to wait so long to do it again.

Personally, my life hasn’t been too exciting other than football. Went to a few movies here and there. I was able to see a Garth Brooks concert at Bridgestone with Marc Mariani and family. I went to a few Predator games. So I tried to enjoy myself as much I could. I will be leaving for LA next week to continue my studies and to be back home. I miss my family and friends and cant wait to speak and hang with them.

Thanks again everyone for allowing me to share my thoughts and views on this forum. I am happy you guys stuck with us through thick and thin and hopefully we don’t make y’all suffer much next year. Everyone have a very Happy New Year and a great start to the year 2011! Go Titans!!!!

PS Congrats to Marc Mariani and Jason Babin on their pro bowl selections. So happy for my boy Marc, they deserve it!


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