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Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame Class of 2010 - danielreese05

As the year comes to an end, we are continuing to induct the newest members of the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame. We have already inducted Big Bad Bulluck, stetix01, SouthTexasTitan and BonzosMontreaux so without further ado, the fifth Member of the Class of 2010 is....




The youngest member of our Hall of Fame, danielreese05 joined our fine community back on August 22nd, 2009. At publish time, dreese has made an astonishing 7,603(!) comments on SB Nation, 3,504 of those coming at Music City Miracles. The OTHER defensive back that posts on MCM, dreese has shared 3 fanshots and 11 fanposts with us over the last year and four months.


danielreese05's first comment came the day of the Cardinal game last year; on the preview post that was posted the day before by Big Tuna:

no worries, this is it

we’re finally on the right track! now if the colts could just get back to normal we’ll almost most definitely pass houston in the standings within the next 2 weeks.

dreese showed then that he is often an optimist about the Titans' situation, and he proved to be right on that day, as we witnessed the Music City March that afternoon. (Yeah, click that link!) It was that day, too, that danielreese jumped headfirst into the Game Thread, and discovered what most Hall Of Famers know....that MCM is the best place to watch a Titan game!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the effort put forth by danielreese05 just about a month ago, in describing his feelings about the late Steve McNair. It quickly became the most recommended fanpost in the history of Music City Miracles, and if you haven't read it, well you are doing yourself a disservice. Get on it!

Random facts about danielreese05 (may or may not be true):

  • dreese plays defense cause only sissies play offense. Sissies!
  • dreese has promised to keep blogging at MCM when he is playing college football.
  • dreese has not taken off his authentic Titan Blue #20 for 5 days now. And counting....

So join me in congratulating danielreese05 on his induction into the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame as a Member of the Class of 2010!

Speech! Speech!