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Titans vs Jaguars: Predictions from the Contributors

Sigh. 4 weeks of my wonderful idea, 4 straight losses. If I were a superstitious person (which I am), I would think this has something to do with our current streak (which I do). But we are gonna do it anyway.

Hopefully Kerry Collins can break the streak!

yay Kerry Collins.

Big Tuna

I have predicted a win in each of the last 4 weeks, and I think we all know how well that has done- so this week I say there is no way the Titans can win this game. The Jags are playing well and the Titans are struggling. They will be looking for revenge after the Titans beat them down on the Monday Night Football 30-3. No way the Titans can overcome that! Jaguars 28 - Titans 17


I have lost complete faith in this team. Jaguars 27 - Titans 7


I predict that mid-way through the third quarter the Scientology equivalent of the Rapture will occur. A volcano will rise from the sea, releasing the rest of the thetan souls upon the unclean among us. Unfortunately the whole officiating crew will be called to L. Ron Hubbard's inner domain, so the game will be left as a draw.
Titans 7 - Jaguars 7


I don't even know what we can expect on Sunday. If our Dline is as banged up as I expect, it's really gonna be a bad day for our favorite team. I think LP Field is gonna look really empty either way. We are going to see a lot of MJD and Marcedes Lewis, but I am gonna go off the rails here and predict a win. I think Collins with a healthier finger might be able to get the ball to Moss. Maybe. It's worth a shot. Titans 23 - Jaguars 20


Tennessee heads back home licking their wounds from one of the worst losses in the past five years. They'll look to get back on track and in the mix for the division title in a matchup against Jacksonville. It would be easy to point to the past few losses and chalk them up to injuries. I don't think it's that simple. Despite the fact that the Titans will get back some starters on the defensive line and will have Kerry at QB, this team has been playing uninspired football. That needs to change, and it's entirely possible that it could happen this Sunday. But until I see this team motivated, there's no way I can pick them to win with a straight face. Jaguars 24 - Titans 13


The Titans are, officially, no longer who we thought they were. They don't create turnovers, they don't block in either the running or passing game, they don't sack the opposing QB, they don't get off/stay on the field on 3rd down, and they can't pass to save their lives. More troublesome, the effort level and focus in Houston was border-line criminal, and that's not something you can generally fix overnight in the NFL. Nope, in this league quitting and lack of focus are as contagious as they are resistant to treatment. This team simply does not play well enough or hard enough anymore to beat even mediocre teams. With the injuries in the middle of the d-line, you can book MJD for a huge day. I don't see the defense being able to get off the field unless they get the Sparkle Cats into 3rd-and-very-long with consistency. Basically unless Kerry does the highly improbable or the defense makes lots of big plays (something they don't do anymore), this will be the final nail in the coffin for this season and maybe even this era of Titans football. Depressing stuff right there. Sparkle Cats 27 - Titans 17