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Tennessee Titans Daily Links: A Little Crazy? Yes. Dumb? I Hope Not. Edition

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Raise your hand if you got a Randy Moss Tennessee Titans jersey for Christmas...
Raise your hand if you got a Randy Moss Tennessee Titans jersey for Christmas...

Will Bud Adams pay Jeff Fisher $6.5 million to coach next year after everything we've seen? Bud's definitely a little crazy, but he's not a dumb business man. I get the feeling he's not prone to throwing good money towards reoccurring poor results. The wildcard is the CBA negotiations, but we can't predict what will happen there with any authority... even the principals involved don't know what the end result of those negotiations will be. You can make just as much of an argument that teams will make faster coaching changes (see Singletary, Mike) as you can that they'll sit on their hands and see what happens.

Michael Griffin had the quote that defines the last half of this season, and it's a bit telling that players are openly discussing a possible coaching change:

"I don't think anyone is safe when you go through something like this," Griffin said. "And if changes are made and new coaches come in, that affects everybody. No one is safe.

"That's why we have to continue to keep playing hard because you know if you're not here next year, you could be looking for a job somewhere else.''


Normally I would have scoffed at celebrating a TD while your team is down so much, but given how Jared Cook has been marginalized and locked-up on the sideline since he got here I'd have signed off on a complicated, choreographed celebration that drew penalties for excessive celebration and delay of game. He deserved the chance to enjoy it, and I'm glad he did.

David Climer asks how this team won 5 of it's first 7 games, which is either completely disingenuous or intellectually lazy. This team was good, but the wheels fell off. It doesn't negate the first few wins, but it shows that the margin of error was slim and the volatility/stubborness of certain personalities meant that while it was a good roster, it wasn't a good team. Injuries along the defensive line, the disappearance of the LB corps, staying with Scaife over Cook, Britt's injury, and the QB carousel were just too much  to deal with... and that's not even getting to the personality clashes and possible locker room division.

William Hayes may be the last guy left in the league who isn't questioning Kerry's arm strength this season. Hope you get better soon William.

Congrats to Mark Mariani for setting the franchise record for kick return yards.

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb.