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Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs : Keys to Victory

1. Make Cassel uncomfortable. Matt Cassel, despite playing just four days after his appendectomy, showed no signs of discomfort last Sunday. The Titans need to bang Cassel around some, and force him outside the numbers, where his play has not been as efficient as his great play in the pocket. Dwayne Bowe is the only wide receiver that should worry the Titans' secondary, but Tony Moeaki must be contained to stop this offense, because, as we know, tight ends have had field days against the Titans.

2. Throw it deep. Recently, Kerry Collins has surprisingly been a very efficient quarterback, and his receivers have been making plays for him to make up for his weak deep ball. Kenny Britt's return from injury has done wonders for this offense. The Titans were having major trouble converting third downs during the losing streak, and Britt has a great 76% first down per reception rate. Britt will most likely be matched up against CB Brandon Flowers, a superior, though underrated cornerback in this league. 

3. Make them one dimensional. The Titans need to take Jamaal Charles out of the equation. Like teams that play the Titans and try to stop Chris Johnson, however, it is easier said than done. Charles compares to Chris Johnson in a number of ways, specifically with his speed and body structure. Uniquely, the Titans can prepare for Charles by practicing against CJ, and the Chiefs can prepare for CJ by practicing against Charles. I don't expect big rushing days on either side on Sunday.