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Randy Moss Wouldn't Mind Coming Back to the Tennessee Titans

This season has just been crazy.  I think there is a part of most of us that have been waiting for Randy Moss to have one of his tirades because of his lack of playing time, but today he is saying that he wouldn't mind staying in Tennessee according to Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports):

Randy Moss said "I wouldn't mind staying in Tennessee" when asked about next year

Moss said he's a "country boy" who has loves being in Nashville and has enjoyed city and team despite only 5 catches

Moss is not one to give the politically correct answer when asked a question like this one.  I think if he did have a serious problem with the way things have gone down he would have no commented the question. 

Wyatt also tweeted that Moss scoffed at the idea that he was Woody who called the Three Hour Lunch last week ripping Fisher.