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Jeff Fisher is No Longer Playing it Safe

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David Climer's column in today's Tennessean talks about how Jeff Fisher is no longer playing it safe because of the desperation of this season. In the column he cites the two fourth downs the Titans went for on Sunday against the Texans with the thought that desperate times call for desperate measures:

Still, you have to wonder whether Fisher has finally recognized that games are not won by field goals alone. It's great that Bironas is Pro Bowl-bound but touchdowns should be the top priority.

Besides, what have you got to lose? The Titans must win out to have any chance of making the playoffs. Why play it close to the vest?

This is one of the so, so many things that frustrate me about Fisher. The only time he ever takes chances is when he feels like there really isn't anything left to play for. We have seen this time and time again in the 11 years the Titans have played in Tennessee. We have seen trick plays a plenty in the preseason and when the team is eliminated, but as soon as the games matter he goes right back to the conservative coach that want to win every game 3-0.

I would love to believe that, as Climer said, "Fisher finally recognized that games are not won by field goals alone," but the problem is history tells us that isn't the case.