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Titans vs. Texans: Who Is Dirty Again?

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All of the chatter following the Titans game with the Texans last weekend has been about Cortland Finnegan and how he is a dirty player.  It seems that the popular sentiment among national media members is that Finnegan got what he deserved, and of course Texan fans have been on their collective high horse saying that Saint Andre Johnson can't be blamed because Finnegan was obviously the aggressor.

Lost in all of that has been the injury Sen'Derrick Marks who was hurt on a dirty block from a Texans lineman for the second year in a row.  Here is what Marks told Titan Insider after the game:

"My thing is we know the way Houston is, and we play them a lot. Certain blocks are legal on the offensive and defensive line, but you're cracking down on a lot of stuff and giving guys fines for a lot of things that happen on the field. Clearly, this guy was beaten and he dove and rolled at my ankles," Marks said. "I don't think that's a good blocking technique at all. If you're gonna cut somebody, you cut them off the first step. You don't get into the block and then you dive and roll at the guy's, and try to hurt them. That pissed me off."

So if I am understand this correctly, it is dirty to do what Finnegan did to Saint Andre but rolling guys up in the trenches is perfectly acceptable.