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Titans 31 Texans 17 Postgame Thread

Here is what is sweet about that game, the Titans are the team that officially eliminated the Texans.  It is still a tremendously long shot for the Titans, but the Texans are done because the Titans beat them today.  If the offense could have played like that all season the record would be better than 6-8.  That is for sure, and I think we have seen int he last two weeks that this offense goes through Kenny Britt.  He had another huge day today with 6 catches for 128 yards.  I sure hope he can keep his head screwed on straight this offseason because he has the ability to be an elite receiver in this league.

Also, go right now and vote for Marc Mariani and Jason Babin for the Pro Bowl.  Both guys had big games again today and deserve to be in that game.

Hope is alive for another week.  This has been the craziest season I can ever remember.  Anything is possible.

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