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Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans Preview

So three weeks ago I wrote a preview of Titans @ Texans and missed on just about all of my points.  Tomorrow's game between the same two teams has a few differences that should bode well for our Titans.  Obviously the one big difference for the Titans is that Kerry Collins will be playing quarterback instead of Rusty Smith.  Looking back it is obvious that we overestimated Smith's ability, but Collins, even in the twilight of his career, should be able to take advantage of Houston's secondary. 

Another big difference in this game is wide receiver Kenny Britt.  Collins has thrown at Britt a lot when they have been on the field together, and Britt is a big match-up problem for a weak Texans secondary.  If you have Britt on your fantasy team I would recommend putting him in your lineup because he should have a big day.

The third thing that has changed is the Texans place Mario Williams on IR.  Williams had a sack in the first game and has always given the Titans problems.

That game also saw Chris Johnson get 7 carries for 5 yards against a Texans defense that was giving up 107.8 yards per game rushing at the time.  They are now only giving up 98.5 yards per game rushing and have gone from 15th against the run to 6th.  Even with that being the case, I expect to see the Titans give CJ 7 carries in the first quarter this time.

On offense you know what the Texans are- they are in the top 10 in the league in points per game (9th), yards per game (6th), passing yards per game (7th), and rushing yards per game (7th).  The Texans did have 346 yards of total offense against the Titans, which is under their season average of 381.9, but the Titans weren't able to get off the field on third down allowing the Texas to convert 9 of 18 third down chances.  This was the reason the Texans were able to hold the ball for 39:41 in that game.

And of course this preview wouldn't be complete without mentioning the brawl between Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson.  Finny says he wants to apologize to AJ before the game and make things right, but AJ is a thug and probably won't accept it.  I kid..

One more thing before I get to the match-ups, it is also noteworthy that this could be the last game Jeff Fisher coaches for the Titans at LP Field (crosses fingers).  It would be a weird thing to see someone else on the sideline at LP Field in the two-toned blue because it has always been Fisher, but it sure would be nice.


  Titans pass offense vs. Texans pass defense

Advantage: Titans- I gave the Titans the advantage here last time, but I was clearly wrong as Rusty threw three picks to the one-armed man.  This time will be a different story however with Collins under center.

  Titans rush offense vs. Texans rush defense

Advantage: Titans- Wrong on this one as well last time, but I am sticking with it.  CJ is going to rebound from the last performance and have a big day.

  Texans pass offense vs. Titans pass defense

Advantage: Texans- This just isn't a good match-up for the Titans with the weaknesses of the Titans linebackers in pass coverage, and the fact that Finnegan just hasn't had a very good year.  It will be interesting to see how many times Matt Schaub targets Johnson early because you know they are going to go after Finny.

  Texans rush offense vs. Titans rush defense

Advantage: Texans- Arian Foster had a huge day against the Titans last time, and I really have no reason to expect this time will be much different. 

  Special Teams

Advantage: Titans- The Titans have Rob Bironas and Marc Mariani- 'nuff said.


Advantage: Push- Gave this one to the Titans last time because of how bad of a coach Gary Kubiak has been, but Jeff Fisher can't get Randy Moss and Britt on the field at the same time.  On second thought, maybe the Texans should have the advantage.

This game should probably be dubbed The Disappointment Bowl because both of these teams had pretty high aspirations coming into the season, but now they are just playing for draft position.  I usually predict a winner here, but I have no idea what to expect from this game.  I just hope it doesn't end in an all out brawl, or maybe I do.