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Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans : Keys to Victory


  1. Offensive balance. The Titans need to use the run to set up the pass, and the pass to set up the run. With Kenny Britt back and looking healthy last week, the Titans again have a relatively dangerous pass game. With bad defenses on both sides, this game has the makings of a shootout, so Chris Johnson needs to get major involvement. Obviously we want to see multiple receiver sets involving Kenny Britt and Randy Moss, but there does not seem like there's any chance that could happen. Mario Williams is out for the Texans already pathetic defense, so expect Kerry Collins to get even more time than usual to complete his throws. Remember, Kenny Britt's career day against the Eagles came with Kerry Collins at quarterback.
  2. Make the Texans one dimensional. The Texans have one of, if not the most two dimensional offenses in the league. Eliminating running back Arian Foster is easier said than done, but it will do wonders for stopping the Texans sixth best offense. Andre Johnson has been contained efficiently by Cortland Finnegan in recent games. One thing the Titans must do, however, is effectively finish tackles. I hope those multiple missed tackles on Pierre Garcon's long reception last week gives the defense nightmares, and helps them change for the better
  3. Don't give up. It's possible, but I don't really think that any player on this team legitimately wants to lose. As long as the Titans play as well as they did in the second half of the Colts game last week, they should easily have enough power to win against these unlucky Texans. As August mentioned earlier in the week, the Titans will be looking for revenge for the last shellacking. Teams against the Texans have been the recipients of crazy lucky wins, and it may just be the Titans' chance.