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More Evidence the Titans Need a New Coaching Staff

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You want the reason the Titans need a new coaching staff in a paragraph?  Well here it is from John Glennon:

"Randy's really smart, but he's also on his third (team) this year. Flipping him to the other side would be a stretch," he said. "We've tried that with Kenny, and the more we extend Kenny, the worse he plays. As long as we can keep Kenny somewhere and say, 'Hey, go do this real fast, real hard,' we're in better shape."

That is Mike Heimerdinger talking about why it is impossible to get Randy Moss and Kenny Britt on the field at the same time.

This argument is so stupid, and it infuriates me that he and Jeff Fisher are trying to pass it off to the fans.  Moss doesn't think it is all that complicated:

"Anything's possible; it's just football," Moss said. "When guys are versatile and able to play more than one position, that's what really makes a player a player. I think myself and Kenny, we're versatile, to be able to make that transition. But this is not my offense. This is not his offense. Whatever we're told to do, we'll just get out there and do it."

One of the things that people who have spent anytime around Moss talk about is his football IQ.  So Dinger is trying to tell us here that this guy who has been in the league for 15 years and is really football smart can't figure out how to run his routes on the other side of the field.

Then there is the fact that having Moss and Britt on the field at the same time is simply what is best for this team, and the staff is just unwilling to make it happen.  They are perfectly content to run Justin Gage out there instead of Randy Moss with the excuse that he knows the plays.  That is crap.  That is really all there is to it, and that is why it is time for a new regime in Tennessee.  Make it happen Bud!