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The Past Month - Adversity

Trying to stop the scoring
Trying to stop the scoring

Sorry for the long wait, I am going to try something different for this blog. Will try to illustrate the past couple weeks in a poem setting.

These past few weeks have been a struggle to deal with

Anyone who thought losing was fun, was simply telling a myth

We been working real hard but just keep coming up short

But we are still holding our heads up high with all your support.

We got three more games left to make something happen

But we need to start winning, so losing streaks start snappin’

Rewind three weeks to when we played the Texans,

Most people just remember the fight between Dre and Finn.

Rusty was our QB and poised is what he showed

He made some mistakes, but stood in the pocket very bold

Defensively we had a hard time stopping #23

He ran in and out of holes and easy as can be

We made adjustments and found a way to limit their success

But At the end of the day, they ended up winning the contest

One week later we took on the vengeance-seeking Jaguar

Thinking we had them battered from the last meeting, but they didn’t fall for that allure.

They came in and hit us in the mouth

Mo Drew took the ball and just ran down South.

I am a fan since he was a Bruin at heart

But I was disgusted that he had to go tear us apart.

I am not trying to be funny, but we did slow them down too

Just was a little too late with our offense trying to pursue.

Another lesson was learned, we had to try and start fast

We have to give CJ the ball, but we must be able to pass

Then we get to last week and it was a game we needed to win

We almost got that game as it went down to the bitter end.

Must admit Peyton Manning is the best QB I have played

He knew exactly what to call out like playing charades

He got me a few times, but I learned to take away space

So he would have to complete the pass in a much tighter place

This lost was very depressing for it made six in the row

Seems like we are still waiting for the right seed so we can start to grow

We are not out of contention quite yet, but hopes are starting to fade

But all we can control is the way we play

So at this stage we are just looking for that first win

Then we can build from that victory and start a new trend

Marc Mariani has been a big spark that has not fizzled out

I think the whole league has started to figure out what this Montana kid is all about

Defensively we been on the field way too long these games

There is no one in particular to blame

Third downs been an Achilles heel and penalties as well

Lack of scoring touchdowns or our little turnover spell.

Plays have been made, but are overshadowed by the losses

But then I feel people aren’t playing well due to being cautious

So that is why we need to go out and just have some fun

Then there will be no regrets when it is all said and done.

Personally, I have been blessed beyond measure

Being a Titan has truly been a pleasure

I have been learning and growing every step of the way

I can see the experience already elevating my play

You guys expect more, but I demand even more

Even if that means I got to get an INT and score

Been enjoying the time out there on the battle field

Knowing every day I step out, someone possibly could be killed

So I take advantage of my time and give Him the glory

For Him being the author of this wonderful story

My Birthday just passed and I am finally 22

I am a young man in age, but a mindset that is overdue

Enjoyed my day, but wish I was with my fam

But understand my place and where I am

I will see them all soon and I can’t wait for that day

Run back in their arms as I start to pray

Thanking Him for all the blessings he has given me this year

That through Him, there is nothing I should ever fear!

So as I end this poem, I wish everyone a happy holiday

Enjoy Xmas and New years in a very special way

It is a time to be jolly and give to all

Not to be like the grinch and have everything fall

God Bless everyone and remember these words tough

"If better is possible, then good is not enough"

PS: When i went to Houston, i saw my Dad's step-sister and her daughter. So i guess you can say my Aunt and cousin. It was nice to finally meet them and it was a great time. Also went to the movies and saw The Next Three Days. I recommend it. It was a very good movie. I also checked out 127 hours. I also thought that was a good movie. I was not expecting it to have some comedy in it. I am bummed that college football is almost over and done. I would like to say congrats to all the award winners and I was happy Cam Newton won the Heisman because I felt he was the best college football player this year.

Take care and God Bless again! Enjoy the game this week. Houston Texans, round two.


Alterraun Verner

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