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Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Could Finally Be Ready to Fire Jeff Fisher

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Mark Humphrey - AP
Mark Humphrey - AP

We have heard more from Bud Adams in the last month than the first decade the franchise has been in Tennessee. Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean talked to Bud again yesterday and here is some of what he had to say:

"I am not too happy right now, I'll tell you that," Adams said. "But I think it is too early to talk about it. We have three more games to go and I'll be able to talk a lot better after those three games. We'll go up to the end of the season and then I'll make my decision. I am not very pleased with what has happened here, though. It's not what I had in mind.''

The last time Adams talked he said that Fisher was under contract so he would be back next season. Now he seems to be singing a different tune which is an encouraging sign to those of us who think it is time for Fisher to move on. '

The one thing I hope that Bud does consider in all of this is if he can trade Fisher instead of firing him. That would probably get him off the hook for Jeff's salary and would bring the Titans back a pick or two that they are really going to need as they head into this rebuidling phase.