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Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2010


Now that December is upon us, it is time to turn our attention to the induction of our newest members of the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame.

This will be the second class inducted into the MCM HOF, the Charter class consisted of six members and was inducted in 2009. 

The Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame was begun last year as a way for us to recognize the best members of our community. We have often said that it is not Jimmy and August and I that make Music City Miracles so great, it's you, the Titan fans who actually sign up and join in the discussion. I think you will agree that we have the best community of any SB Nation blog, and that would not be possible without the member participation. That is why the MCM HOF is not for the contributors of MCM, but for the actual intelligent participants, you!

How does it work? Well, we have certain criteria that we evaluate in deciding who is eligible for the Hall, mainly that the member has crossed the magical 2,000 comment mark (or is very close), is a Titan fan, has been a member of Music City Miracles for at least one year and has not had any continual issues of violating site guidelines (warnings and/or bans). It has nothing to do with whether or not the commenter agrees with the contributors! Contrary to popular belief, we like the fact that there are several different opinions on MCM!

But it is not automatic!  We do have a voting committee that consists of our contributors: Jimmy, August West, SuperHorn, Aditya T., hal41605 and myself as well as the Charter Members of the MCMHOF: zackmann, gotitans27, Pinoy Titan, theologic, DannoE and numbertenox. There are 6 new members that will be inducted this year. I can tell you that the current members of the HOF are very upstanding citizens that would not entertain the idea of a bribe, but I can't say the same for some of the morals of the contributors!

So be watching in the next few weeks! All six members will be inducted individually before the end of the year.

And take a look back through the inductions of the Charter class. I think you'll learn some interesting things about the "Grand Old Men" of Music City Miracles!