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Who Powered Through? Steve McNair

Vicks has become a sponsor of the SB Nation NFL blogs, and their campaign is called "Who Powered Through?"  Well one of the suggestions for the posts was to talk about someone in franchise history who had overcome pain to accomplish something on the field.  Well that meant the first selection was easy for me- Steve McNair.

If you have been a Titans fan for any length of time you have no shortage of memories of Air McNair powering through injuries to lead the Titans to victory.  My favorite of all these memories was the game against the Giants in 2002 that I wrote about here.  I will never forget sitting in my apartment biting a pillow during the final minutes of that game. 

Steve McNair will always be one of my favorite players because of games like that one.  I would love for you to leave your favortite McNair battling through injury story in the comments.