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The Tennessee Titans That Deserve a Pro Bowl Vote

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This post is just a friendly reminder to go out and vote for your favorite Titans for the Pro Bowl.  You can vote by clicking here.

Now I am not one of those people who thinks that you should just log on there and vote for every Titan because you are a fan*.  I believe in voting for guys that actually deserve to go.  Here are the guys that I think have earned your vote in the first 8 games:

  • Jason Jones- We said before the season that if Jones stayed healthy he would be a Pro Bowler.  Well he has stayed healthy so far, knock on wood, and is living up to the hype.  He only has 2 sacks so far, but he has been a disruptive force in the middle of the defense.
  • Jason Babin- Babin is just the latest in a long list of reclamation products under Jim Washburn.  SuperHorn called 12 sacks for him before the season started, and he is looking pretty smart as Babin has 7 sacks in 8 games.
  • Michael Griffin- Before the season started we were hoping that we would see 2008 Griff again, and we have so far.  Griff has 4 picks in the first 8 games and has been good in run support.
  • Chris Johnson- CJ2K hasn't put up the eye-popping numbers that he did last season, but he is still 3rd in the NFL in rushing yards and 1st in rushing TDs.

There is my list.  Anyone I missed?

*The obvious exception to this rule is Alterraun Verner, but unfortunately we cannot vote for him because he is not on the ballot.