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Captain of the Tailgate: Best Tailgate Spots

I want to hear about the best places you have ever tailgated.  I realize the NFL isn't as big on the tailgating as college football, but there are some pretty good tailgating spots at LP Field. 

We went to Tuscaloosa a couple of weeks ago and the there were a lot of good spots down there.  Everywhere you looked there were tents set up with HUGE TVs and a lot of good food.  It was especially fun the day we were there because all of the TVs were tuned to the Arkansas vs. Auburn game, and there were a lot of people passionately cheering against Auburn.

I also go to a lot of Vanderbilt games and the tailgating scene there isn't as good, but there are still a lot of people grilling food and playing games.

So with all of that being said, tell me about your favorite spots.