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Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson Each Fined $25,000

Jason La Canfora of is reporting that Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson have each been fined $25,000 for their roles in Sunday's fight.  He also said in an earlier "tweet" that the Texans have been informed that AJ will not be suspended.  He didn't have any information about Finny being suspended or not.  Gregg Rosenthal of PFT tweeted earlier today that a source told him Cortland would not be suspended.

It is beyond ridiculous that Finnegan got the same fine as Johnson here.  I don't care if he did start the fight.  He didn't throw a punch, and AJ threw at least three at Finnegan without his helmet on. I really expected 50K fines for both guys and at least one game for each.