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Titans vs. Texans: Chris Johnson Had How Many Carries?

7. Let that sink in for a minute. The guy that just a few weeks ago we were worried was going to get hurt because he was getting so many carries got 7 carries in a game that wasn't out of hand until late in the third quarter. 7!

Early in the season when they were running him 25-30 times a game, Jeff Fisher would say in the post-game that you have to give him the ball because he is the most explosive player on the field.  That was with a quarterback that had experience in the league and was playing well.  Yet somehow it makes sense to only give that same running back 7 carries, 3 in the first quarter and 0 in the second quarter, when you are starting a rookie 6th round draft pick?

I understand that the defense you are facing is the worst in the history of the world against the pass, but you still have Rusty Smith as your quarterback.  Do you really want him throwing the ball 31 times?  I don't- at least not until the defense has proven they are going to shut down the run game.  Three carries in the first half isn't enough evidence that they are going to do that.

Chris Johnson was visibly frustrated in the fourth quarter when the offensive line kept forgetting the snap count, and who could blame him?  The offensive line has been the biggest disappointment of this team, and that is saying a lot with all of the disappointments that this team has had.  Sure Vince Young's meltdown was big, but as a Titans fan the one thing heading into this year you could always count on was the offensive line playing well.  We can't say that anymore.

But hey, look on the bright side- Win the next 2 at home and the Titans are in first place with 3 games left to play!!!!!!1  Raise your hand if you think that will happen.......