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Texans 20 Titans 0 Quick Recap

Well that wasn't even fun to watch.  The really bad news here is that the Titans aren't going to face a defense that is as bad as the one they just faced.  I really cannot understand what has happened to the Titans offensive line.  They get a million false start penalties, and today they couldn't even block the Texans front four.  There was no room for Chris Johnson to run ever. 

Also, Rusty Smith was terrible.  It is way to early to make any judgements on his ability to be an NFL QB, but he was really bad against a terrible defense today.

Of course that didn't really matter because the defense continued to just look lost out there.  They had no answer for Arian Foster on the ground or through the air.  Early in the season the yardage didn't matter because they made plays in the red zone, but now they are giving up the yardage and not getting the breaks.  Chuck Cecil's days as the coordinator have to be numbered.

Speaking of coaches and their days being numbered, Jeff Fisher might want to get his agent to touch base with Jerry Jones because Bud Adams doesn't take to kindly to getting embarrassed in Houston.

There is a pretty good chance that Cortland Finnegan will be suspended for a game or two as a result of that fracas which is awesome.

Join us for MCM tonight at 9.  I am sure it will be a cheerful affair.