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Titans at Texans: Predictions from the Contributors

What did Week 9 and Week 10 have in common? Both saw our favorite team get beat by a vastly less talented team by making most of the same mistakes. Week 11 brings us the struggling Texans, as both teams look to break losing streaks. It will be good to see some actual Titan football after the week we have had. Let's get to it.....


So it seems to me, at this point, that trying to predict what's going to happen with this team is a fool's errand. Luckily for MCM, that makes me the perfect man for he job. Normally, all I would need to say about a Titans game in Houston is "VINCE JUST W!NS!1!!II!!!", but given all the Vinsanity of the past week, the question has become this: Does RUSTY JUST WINZZZ??????!!? Let's hope he can this week, because he might not play a defense worse than this year's Texans team for the rest of his career. The only thing I feel confident in predicting is that we will see lots and lots of points, as I don't see our defense stopping Foster/AJ/Schaub/[insert TE here] very often. The Texans have become experts at losing close games this year, so that's what I'm going to bank on, for lack of any other realistic reasons for hope. Titans 45 - Texans 42


The Titans and Jeff Fisher will look to make a statement that they've moved on from the fiasco this past weekend and that they can still contend for the AFC South title. Against any other team, I'd chalk this up as a loss. However, given the Texans porous defense, I think the Titans have a chance. Titans 24 - Texans 21 and Randy scores a TD


Listen, Dinger is putting off cancer treatments for a few days to coach this game. There is no way the Titans aren't winning this game. Rusty Smith throws for 264 and 2 TDs to Randy Moss!!!!11 The defense gives up some points but Alterraun Verner picks off a Matt Schaub pass late to seal the win. Titans 35 - Texans 31


I wish I could be optimistic, but this team is just not playing very good football right now and of course we are breaking in a rookie quarterback. Our offense couldn't score a touchdown against the Redskins D missing their two best defensive backs, and I don't see them doing much better down in Houston. Hopefully the defense can figure out how to cover the middle of the field, but we couldn't get that fixed last week either. I hope I'm wrong...... Texans 24 - Titans 10


While I'm excited to see what Rusty can do, the Texans offense will be too much for the Titans to handle. The Titans' offense will probably allow the Texans to keep the ball for too long, and that is never a recipe for success. The Texans will find out how to do something they haven't been able to do in a long time - win a close game. Texans 24- Titans 21

August West

Predicting what's going to happen next with this team is completely and utterly futile. The one thing I can say is that no matter what happens our QB won't be crying, cursing or running away from his team, so I'll consider anything that happens an improvement... as long as Chris Simms doesn't make it into the game. I expect we'll see 35 rushes between CJ and Ringer, and Smith will look to Moss deep. I'm still hoping for a big game from Jared Cook since he and Smith have taken a lot of reps in practice. I'm also hoping for a bounce back game from the D in every key phase: TE coverage, 3rd down percentage, turnovers and sacks.

Considering the events of the past week, and the fact that Mike Heimerdinger has thrown up a middle finger to his cancer so that he can be there for Smith's first start, there is no way this team comes out flat. If anything, they'll have to be sure and not get too amped up early.

Understand that I'm predicting the Titans to lose because they haven't won since we started doing this, and I've picked them to win pretty much every time: Titans 24 - Texans 30