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The Tennessee Titans and NFL Power Rankings Week 12


After the jump is a roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 12. It will be updated as more rankings are posted.

This Week Last Week Commentary
Yahoo! Sports
ESPN 17 13 The Titans need to set the drama aside and beat a team struggling even more than they are in Houston on Sunday. 21
National Football Post
Vince Young showed us that talent only gets you so far in the NFL.
Sporting News 16 12
In a league where coaches are always on the firing line, let's hope they're thankful for having Jeff Fisher.
USA Today 20
CBS Sports 19 15 The Vince Young meltdown doesn't bode well. The next few weeks will test Jeff Fisher as a coach. Young is out for the season, and rookie Rusty Smith is in for this week.
SB Nation 16 14 Vince Young had a meltdown after the loss to the Redskins on Sunday and has now been placed on injured reserve. I'm trying to figure out how this is a bad thing for the Titans.
Fox Sports 16 13

Like many teams toward the bottom half of these rankings, Tennessee has a major quarterback issue that is not going away. It will be very difficult for the Titans to win going forward. They no longer can count on their defense, either.

ProFootballWeekly 14 -- -- 18 18
Tennessee didn't drop in the rankings after a home loss to Washington, mostly because the team's below them are all equally average or worse. But with Rusty Smith now starting at QB, and Randy Moss looking every bit the waste of space he was in Minnesota, this could unravel in a hurry.
ProFootballTalk 12
What if Sports 6