Letting Mawae Go Ruined This Team.

I truly believe that if we had kept Kevin Mawae, none of this shit would be happening.

Our O-line would be better.

CJ would be running better.

VY would not have fumbled the snap that got him injured.

His play would have gained the trust of Fisher.

We would be able to control the ball, and our defense would not be exposed.

Vince would not have faced the pressure up the middle that got him injured yesterday.

And finally, we would not have lost 3 straight games to shitty teams.

Michael Griffin was certainly right when he mentioned the "egos" on this team, and I think this is yet another case which exemplifies that. This is a case where egos got in the way of what makes this a better team, and this franchise really needs to reconsider the way it is doing business.

I realize this is brief, and there are a few logic jumps, but I think it makes enough sense to get you thinking about the trickling down of a stupid decision made several months ago which has cost us dearly.

PS, please resign, Jeff Fisher. That is all.