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Upon Further Review: Time for Jeff Fisher and Vince Young to be Gone

We spent the bulk of last night's MCM Radio, listen here, talking about what went down with Vince Young yesterday during and after the loss to the Redskins.  After sleeping on it, I don't think I took the right side of the argument.  It seemed like I spent a lot of time defending Jeff Fisher, and that really isn't the position I want to take because I am done with both of them. 

I stand by the things I said about Vince Young.  He does not have the mental make-up to be an NFL quarterback right now.  Will he ever?  It is really hard to think that he will considering he has now been in the league 5 years and still has the problems that he did in his first couple of years.  Franchise quarterbacks don't mock the crowd when they are getting booed, and they don't throw their stuff into the stands because their feelings are hurt.  Vince has made numerous strides on the field, and that shows me that he has the physical ability to play the position, but he still hasn't shown that he has the mental toughness to play the position- and don't mistake that as a shot at his intelligence because it isn't.

All of that being said, it is time for Jeff Fisher to go as well.  5-5 through 10 games.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?  I know that the Titans could make a terrible hire and things could get worse, but the Titans have won a playoff game in 7 years.  7 years!  There is not another city in the NFL where he would still have a job.  The Titans are settling for mediocrity as long as they keep Fisher at the helm, and you can't really argue that.  Look at the record. 

Sometimes you really do need change for the sake of change.  This is one of those times.