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Redskins 19 Titans 16 : Quick Recap

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After the Redskins lost so badly on Monday against the Eagles, not many of us imagined this game even being close, and a loss was unthinkable.  Well, your Titans just lost in overtime to a team that clearly has less talent, the worst defense in the league, and lost seven players to injury during the duration of the game.

Vince Young left the game in the third quarter with a thumb injury, which forced rookie Rusty Smith to come in for the remainder. Is VY made of glass or what? Ankle, knee, and thumb injuries in a month? Besides Rusty's 50 yarder to Nate Washington, he was absolutely terrible, with a 33% completion rate. Randy Moss didn't catch a pass all day, and I don't even think he was targeted more than once by Vince Young. 

In Washington's overtime scoring drive, the Titans' defense completely lost their composure, with an inexcusable outburst by Jason Babin taking off a Redskins player's helmet, and Will Witherspoon clearly roughing the passer. They simply beat themselves in overtime.

This defense is not good. Tight end coverage problems were exposed yet again, as Chris Cooley managed to rack up 91 yards in just the second half, and Santana Moss was open all day, with a touchdown and 106 yards.

One of the only bright spots was Marc Mariani, who had his second return touchdown of the year, and continually put the Titans in good field position, giving the Titans have their best returner in recent memory. 

The Titans probably need to win out to win the division and get to the playoffs, and the only way that is going to happen is with some changes all around. If not, this team seems to be heading to another mediocre 8-8 year. 

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