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It's Finally Jared Cook Time in Tennessee

We have often wondered here why Jared Cook doesn't get more playing time.  Is it really because he doesn't get the offense, or is it because Mike Heimerdinger doesn't trust him?  Well the good news is we will get our questions answered over the next couple of weeks.

The Titans announced yesterday that TE Craig Stevens had his knee scoped.  We don't know exactly how long he will be out, but we can assume it will be at least the next couple of weeks.  That means that for at least two weeks Cook is TE #2.  Dinger is not going to have a choice but to put him on the field because of the number of two tight end formations this offense runs.

The way I see it two things can happen here:

1. Cook shines in the next two weeks and ends up taking over the #1 tight end role from Bo Scaife.  That gives the offense and actual playmaker at the tight end position and could let us see the offense we dare not dream of right now with Randy Moss and Kenny Britt (once he comes back) out wide, Nate Washington in the slot, Cook at tight end, Chris Johnson in the backfield and Vince Young under center.  I know, I know, that is a pipe dream, but if it all comes together how are defenses going to stop it?

2. Cook squanders this opportunity and truly becomes Ben Troupe the second.  A guy with all of the physical ability in the world who just couldn't make it happen on Sundays.

Here's to hoping #1 plays out.