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Washington Redskins @ Tennessee Titans : Keys to Victory

  1. Go long. The Redskins are one of the worst teams in allowing big plays, so that needs to be exploited. The Redskins clearly had problems with the Eagles' speed last week, and the Titans have even more speed players in VY, CJ and Moss.  Chris Johnson and Randy Moss are two of the greatest deep threats in the history of the NFL, so they should be used early and often. Without the Redskins' starting safety Laron Landry and starting cornerback Carlos Rogers, this could be a field day for Titans receivers. Jared Cook will hopefully get further involved with the offense as Craig Stevens has been ruled out as well. 
  2. Never back down. The Titans clearly have more skill and talent than the Redskins, but I also thought they had more skill and talent to beat the Dolphins and Broncos. This team has a tendency to dramatically cool down as the game progresses, specifically the defense, so to prevent the Redskins from even having a chance of getting back in the game, they need to keep putting points on the board all day.  Defensively, Chris Cooley needs to at least appear a little bit covered through the full game. Turnovers are also needed. We're seen a trend, when the Titans win the turnover battle, generally, they win the game, and that was evidenced last week. 
  3. Stay strong in the trenches.The Redskins offensive line is not good, so the Titans need to exploit that and pressure Donovan McNabb  from start to finish and wear him down. Meanwhile, a motivated Albert Haynesworth, as he's playing against his old team, scares me against the Titans' offensive line which has been having trouble this year. We no longer have an experienced quarterback to backup Vince Young, so if Haynesworth plops down on VY and Rusty Smith has to come in and play, I don't see it going too well.