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Redskins vs. Titans: 5 Questions With Hogs Haven

Kevin Ewoldt from Hogs Haven was nice enough to answer some questions about his beloved Washington Redskins.

1. You mentioned on the radio show Wednesday night that you want to see this team blown up. Do you think Dan Snyder would ever be willing to let that happen? If he does, is Shannahan the right coach for the re-build?

It will never happen. There is too much money at stake and Shanahan has too much pride to coach a losing team. If Shanahan ever decided to do it, Snyder would have to go along. After meeting with Snyder personally, and Shanahan's track record of demaning full control of personnel, Snyder is only along for the ride.

2. How do the fans in DC feel about Albert Haynesworth?

They're sick of him. On one hand, he's not being used to his strengths, but on the other hand, when every other teammate was in DC during the spring and summer months to learn the new playbooks, #92 bailed. Even for the mandatory camps. He lost a lot of friends.

3. Can you give us the facts (guaranteed money, etc.) on Donovan McNabb's new contract?

We basically gave him a $3.5million advance on his salary for next year (if we choose to sign him or franchise him). So, the Redskins do have an out and McNabb gets a free $3.5 mil if we decided to split paths. Win win really.

4. Who is the best player on the Redskins that Titans fans have never heard of?

(I just sat here for 15 seconds trying to think of one). I'll name two just because they're equally important. Brandon Banks...our KR/PR and Lorenzo Alexander. Lorenzo is a Special Teams hero. He lays someone out at LEAST once a game. Banks is a 5'7" 150lb UFA rookie from KSU. He runs ~4.3 and is a huge threat returning the ball. Be wary kicking to him.

5. Write the headline in Sunday's Tennessean.

Big Johnson: Long & Wild - CJ Runs All Over Redskins for Career Day.

Thanks to Kevin for taking the time to do this. Click here to see his questions and my answers.