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Vince Young's Wednesday Press Conference

MIAMI - NOVEMBER 14:  Quarterback Vince Young #10 of the Tennessee Titans throws against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on November 14 2010 in Miami Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
MIAMI - NOVEMBER 14: Quarterback Vince Young #10 of the Tennessee Titans throws against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on November 14 2010 in Miami Florida. (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
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Here is the video, and if you haven't seen it yet go watch it before reading this post.

Every single move Vince Young makes is under a microscope.  Some people think that isn't fair, but the bottom line is that is just part of being an NFL quarterback.  He gets more credit than he should win they win a lot of times, and more blame when they lose.  Again, that is just part of being that guy.

But with that being said, yesterday's press conference was one of the most ridiculous fiascoes I have ever seen.  Asking Vince about his toughness is not out of line given what we saw on Sunday, but the way the questions were asked in this thing was pretty ridiculous.

I thought VY did a decent job of handling it, but I would still like to see him come with something a little stronger based on the reports that have been out there.  If that were me I would have gone with something like "Before we get to questions man I'd like to say something" and just get a quick statement out there along the lines of "I wasn't healthy enough to go on Sunday.  That is why Kerry Collins started the game.  Period.  Part of being a team leader is knowing when I am not healthy enough to give this team the best chance to win, and that was the case Sunday."  Then he could have referred any questions along those lines back to the opening statement.

After the jump a blow by blow from the actual questions asked.

The first question asked was a good one- basically how does the ankle feel, how close to 100% is it.  I can't identify the voice of the person asking the question.  Vince says it is getting better. So far so good. 

The next question is how much better does it feel than Sunday.  Again, fine question, and Vince says it feels way better.  No issues yet.

Then the bomb comes in the form of Hope Hines asking if Vince doubts whether or not he will start on Sunday.  The worst question in the history of Nashville sports.  Vince just laughs and says he has no doubt.  As if the initial question wasn't bad enough, Hines then follows up with "You will start?"  His credentials should be revoked.

Teresa Walker from the AP then asks if he will have tune any injuries out since Kerry Collins is hurt.  Here is where we get the first veiled toughness question.   Again, I don't have a problem with the line of questioning but just go ahead and ask him something about people questioning his toughness.  Vince says that he always does that- good answer.

Jim Wyatt then asks about the fine line between playing and sitting when you are worried about making an injury worse.  Good question and good answer from Vince saying that is always a consideration and the main consideration is what is best for the team.  This is the first spot where he starts to get a little defensive talking about how bad the injury was.  No real need for that in my opinion.

Somebody then asks who makes the call about if he plays or not.  Good question because that was an issue that was brought up after the game.  Vince says that the decision comes from him, the trainers and the coaches.

So Wyatt with an excellent follow up asking if he was better than he thought he would be on Sunday.  Good question because he looked perfectly fine.  Vince says the biggest thing is treatment.  Now this opens the door in my mind for questions about not being here to get treatment during the bye week.  We know he was excused, but it sounds to me like he should have stayed here and gotten treatment if, by his own admission, treatment is the biggest thing.

Terry McCormick asks if he is still getting a lot of treatment and Vince says yes.  Someone has to bring up the other reports at that point.

Wyatt asks if he has the power to tell Jeff he wants to play, and Vince quickly answers yes.  So Wyatt continues with "Did you not feel comfortable enough to do that on Sunday?"  VY's answer is weird, saying we went with Kerry from the get-go.

Next is a Randy Moss question, which I thought Vince handled beautifully, saying that Moss adds a lot but also saying CJ and Nate Washington add a lot.  He points out that the whole offense is explosive.

Wyatt asks how long it will take for him and Moss to get on the same page.  Vince says they are already there and then defends, without prompting, why he didn't throw it to Moss in the last game.  My suggestion: Throw him the ball.

Wyatt then asks how much Vince thinks he needs to step up and lead the team the rest of the season.  Vince again gets a little defensive and says he has been doing that.

A question about Washington's defense.  Vince says the right things. 

Then questions about Albert- all fun and games.

A question about a sense of urgency for this team.  Vince says there is in a way.  That there are just some things they need to fix.

McNabb question.  Their moms are friends in case you were wondering.

Then someone does ask the question "What do you say when people question your toughness?"  Valid question.  Vince says it is funny.  That would have been fine had the guy, not sure who it was, not asked him to clarify what he meant by funny.  I think that was pretty obvious there sport.  Vince then says it would be like someone questioning that guy if he knew how to do his job.  Nervous laughter all around.

Then Hope Hines, a good 4 minutes after his first stupid question as if he had been asleep, comes back asking Vince if the ankle is going to limit him Sunday.  This is the question that apparently led to an altercation between Hines and Paul Kuharsky later in the locker room.  Vince gets understandably frustrated and walks off saying questions are over.

I am not real sure what the point in this post is, but those are my thoughts on what went down.  Bottom line is VY is going to have to step up over these last 7 games if this team is going to go anywhere.  We can talk all day long about what he says, but it will ultimately be what he does that determines how far this team goes and if he will be answering questions in Nashville next season.