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Week 10 - Stumbling blocks

Dear MCM/Titans fans,

Two straight losses is never a good thing for any team. I would have never envisioned losing two straight at any point in this year. A very disappointing loss, which we should have won. But I am tired of saying the word "should" because that doesn’t count for anything. We got to get back to "winning" which we plan to do this week.

Yes, this game was a very strange game. This time the Dolphins just made bigger plays than we did on both sides of the ball. Their offense on crucial times got big chunks of yardage. Their defense came up with big turnovers and third down stops. So they played a very good game. There were bright spots. Marc Mariani continued to be a force on returns. I felt Chris Johnson had one of his best overall days. I think Cortland played his best game against an elite receiver in Marshall. So there were some positives. I feel we need to stop making the silly mistakes that we make that allows the other teams to get out of jams.

My performance was so so. I mean anytime we lose I feel that I could have made one or two more plays that could have directly affected the game. So to me, I didn’t come through for the team. I really needed to get that INT for the team on the tip pass on the reverse pass, but it was out of my range. Missed a tackle that was crucial down the stretch. All things I definitely need to correct going forward. I did have a few good tackles, especially on the screen play. Also, I was happy I was able to help down that punt inside the 5-yard line. I believe that was the first time I actually did that in my life. Positively, I am continually learning and trying to figure things out. Truly blessed as usual to be able to compete and play. But it is time to "man up" for this home stretch.

The Redskins were just victimized by the MVP of the league right now. Yes, I feel Michael Vick deserves it, but probably won’t get it. He by far is the most exciting player to watch in the NFL, sorry CJ, you are a close second though. Vick and the Eagles put on a clinic yesterday and I was thoroughly impressed. But one thing to not take from the game is the feeling that the Redskins are not a good team. This is false. They are still a very capable team which we need to bring our A game to compete with. Their offense did look strong, even though they were put in a tough predicament. So we need to have a great week of practice in order to be able to get back on track to try and win this division.

Personally, not much happened within this week. I saw "Unstoppable" starring Denzel Washington. It was a really good movie and I applaud the guys who actually were in that train situation. It took some courage to attempt what they attempted. I also ventured off in the Green Hills area and came across a restaurant "Tokyo Steak House" which was absolutely delicious. It is the Benihanas I have been looking for. Got to get my hibachi! I am also going to be on the Jeff Fisher TV show on Wednesday 6 30 pm on channel 2 in Nashville and on Saturday before the game. Other than that I have been resting up and getting ready for this next game.

Much love and appreciation for all the support out there for the team and me. Do not lose faith at all for we are still prepared to win. Have a great week everyone and tune in to the game Sunday at noon central time!

PS. I am excited to go see this Harry Potter Movie this Friday. I believe it is a must for me to see it. I have been a fan since the first books came out so I am ready to see how they capture the climax of the book!


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