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Anonymous Titans Teammates Question Vince Young's Commitment And Work Ethic

From Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network:

I was told by a reliable source that Titans QB Vince Young did miss treatment last week and Friday meetings. The feeling in the Titans building is that he is extremely unreliable. His work ethic will need to improve if he is going to turn his career around. Young has not endeared himself to teammates, who know the real story about his work ethic. He did not even try to work out before Sunday's game, just accepting his number two status. He then showed, when he had to play when Kerry Collins got hurt, he was more than capable. The Titans need Young to grow up fast, and stop making excuses.

If this is true, and we have no reason to doubt the historically reliable Lombardi, then the Titans have a serious effing problem on their hands.  Unfortunately it seems to fit what we all saw on Sunday, even down to VY not working out before the game, which Jim Wyatt wondered about at the time on Twitter. Vince has played at a high level this year and has missed time to a legitimate injury, but given his track record the last thing he needs is people in that locker room questioning his commitment and toughness.

Unfortunately, he seems to be giving them all the material they need. More to come on this....

UPDATE: Paul K is saying via twitter that reports VY missed meetings or treatments seems incorrect (provided Lombardi meant Friday the 5th, not Friday the 12th).

MORE UPDATED THAT THE UPDATE: Lombardi confirmed that his source said VY missed a treatment and meetings on Friday the 12th. VY did practice that day in a very limited capacity after splitting reps with Kerry on Thursday, so the plot thickens... there are really two ways to look at this:

• Lombardi botched the story, didn't know we were on a bye and misunderstood what his 'source' meant

• VY did miss a 'treatment' and meetings last Friday and that's why he practiced with the 2nd team, and perhaps why he didn't start. I'll admit that this one could be true, but it's got a little more of a 'foil hat' vibe to it.