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Tennessee Titans Daily Links: You May See A Dumpster And A Fire, But This Isn't A Dumpster Fire Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jay Glazer reported yesterday before the game that some players in the Tennessee Titans locker room where none to thrilled with the fact that Vince Young decided not to stay around and get treatments on his ankle over the bye week so that he could go to Austin for the opening of his new steakhouse. Young wasn't required by the team to stay in town, and I have serious doubts that anything other than time is really going to help his high-ankle sprain. Still, it's not a good sign that people within the locker room are talking about it to people outside of the locker room. I'm not reading too much into this story at this point, but it's worth keeping an eye on it.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Here's what Fisher said when asked about the decision to start Kerry Collins over Vince Young:

(On if Vince Young was close to be the starter today because he was feeling better)
"Yea, he was close. We wanted to give him another week, [because] we didn’t want to have any setbacks. We didn’t want to reinjure the ankle and then have the case where he was setback for another two, three, four weeks. So that was the thought going in [and] that is why we made the decision. Fortunately he came through it. He was moving around, ran around, [and] played hard. I would have to say he will probably be a little sore over the next couple of days, but he is back and ready to play."

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Looks like it's going to take a little longer for the Titans to work in Randy Moss than we hoped. The unfair part of the stats chronicling Moss' debuts with new teams is that the only time one of those debuts was a mid-season situation was with the Vikings, and we all know Brett Favre doesn't follow game plans, read defenses or try to rind open receivers. He's more of a eff-it and chuck-it type QB... that's why he's not a good football player anymore. This week Vince should have a full week to work with Moss, and I get the feeling those two will be doing the extra work outside of practice that Vince and Britt have done for the past year.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Check out last night's MCM Radio here.

Jump for more on Randy Moss and the gaping whole in the middle of this defense...

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Still sucks. At some point this defense is going to have to cover the middle of the field and find a way to cover a TE, even if it's by putting someone like Fuller/Hope/Verner on him and taking the hit in run defense.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Fisher said Moss was too tired for the final play, which is a stupid thing to say even if it's the truth.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Chris Johnson credited his 6.9 YPC performance to the effect Moss had on the Dolphins defense. So, at least Randy was able to help us out in some way.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The New York Times' William Rhoden profiles Vince Young and all that he's done for Steve McNair's kids.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Kerry Collins' calf injury could prevent him from going back out there and floating terrible passes with his wrecked throwing hand. As such, expect to see the Titans reach-out to Chris Simms, though UT fans are more interested in seeing if Tyler Bray has an older brother... Patrick Ramsey was an obvious choice as well, but he's rumored to be the Dolphins first choice.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 So we dropped a bad one to the Dolphins, and it sure does still suck. That being said, I still think this is a 10-6 team, and here's how they get there:

Stomp Washington in a bounce back game, finish the sweep with Jax, sweep Houston, split with indy, and they can still drop the KC game as the remaining disappointing performance on the schedule.


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