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What to Take Away from the Titans 29-17 Loss to the Dolphins

As bad as that loss feels for a lot of reasons, it isn't the end of the world, or even a season ender.  It was a game the Titans needed to win, but 12-4 still gets them in the playoffs.  Do I think they will win out?  No, but there are still a lot of games against division opponents that are going to decide the AFC South.  So don't thow in the towel.  All is not lost.

All of that being said, if that team in the two-toned blue from yesterday show up for the rest of the season they might not win two more games.  This team is going to have to score point on offense in order to win games.  The defense was playing way above their heads early in the season, and the really good red zone numbers have balanced out.  This isn't something that we didn't see coming, but we all got a little overly excited because the point allowed totals were so low early in the season.

The passing game was terrible yesterday.  Kerry Collins and Vince Young were both bad.  Collins is probably going to be out for a while with a calf injury, but Vince looked healthy yesterday.  Hopefully he will be good to practice this week so he can get in a rhythm with Randy Moss and the rest of the receivers.  This team is only going to go as far as VY can take them.

So while today it is really easy to feel like the sky is falling- don't fall into that trap.  

This team has some flaws, but again, what team doesn't.  I am not sure the linebackers will ever be able to cover anyone in the middle of the field, but hopefully Chuck Cecil can come up with some schemes to help them out.  The Titans are one game behind the Colts with two games left against them.  Moss has only been in the system for a week and will get better.  This is the floor for this team, and the ceiling is still really high.