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Dolphins 29 Titans 17: Quick Recap

Well that was embarassing on so many levels.  Here are some thoughts I had during the game.  Some of these thoughts are snap judgements that shouldn't be taken as any more that,  Here goes:

  • Why in the world did Vince Young not start that game?  Kerry Collins was obviously having trouble with his throwing hand.  Three of his passes apparently got shot in mid air.
  • The Titans defense didn't cover the middle of the field one time today.  They made Chad Henne and Tyle Thigpen look like Joe Montana and Steve Young.  Do we have the worst pass covering linebackers in the NFL?
  • Having Randy Moss apparently did open things up for Chris Johnson.  He was about the only Titan to have a good day.
  • Along those lines, Memo to Collins and VY: WE SIGNED RANDY MOSS!!!!!!!1111 THROW THE BALL IN HIS DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!  On 88% of the passes they threw today they didn't even look to his side of the field.
  • Bo Scaife frustrates me more than any player in franchise history.
  • How in the world cannot they not shut down the Wild Cat when it is obvious they are going to run the ball??!?!??!?  That was pathetic.
  • Miami converted 122% of their third down chances.
  • Did I mention the middle of the field was wide open?

That is all I have for now.  Sound off in the comments and join us for more on MCM Radio at 9 p.m.