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Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins : Keys to Victory

  1. Get the big-play players involved. Obviously, Randy Moss is who I'm specifically talking about, but Moss helps the rest of the offense evolve and improve. This has been mentioned over and over again, but with fewer men in the box for Chris Johnson, he will have more room to run, and a much higher possibility of breaking off one of his famous long touchdown runs. Nate Washington is the other one who can benefit from Randy Moss's arrival. Historically, Moss's presence on the field with his previous teams has made the receiver opposite from him better (Wes Welker, Percy Harvin). With the Titans, that player is Nate Washington. I don't expect Randy Moss himself to have a great game, as he has only had one week to practice with the Titans but I expect the whole offense to perform even better with him on the field
  2. Shut down the run. Ronnie Brown has gone 13 games without a 100 yard performance, but Ricky Williams is the bigger threat against the Titans defense. Williams has averaged 126 yards a game in hil last two games against Tennessee. Chad Pennington, who has a 10-6 2-1 record against the Titans, has been named the Dolphins' starter, so with a quarterback switch, I expect a lot of run plays called by the Dolphins. Statistically, the Dolphins are close to the middle of the pack in both passing and rushing yards per game.
  3. Turnovers. While the Titans are below average in both total offense and total defense, they are second in turnovers. The Dolphins currently have a -7 give/take ratio margin , which is among the worst in the league. We won't be seeing Chad Henne, who threw three interceptions last week, but the Titans still appear to have a chance to really make a difference by winning the turnover battle.