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Vince Young Limited in Practice Friday Questionable for the Dolphins

So the various beat writers are reporting on Twitter that Vince Young was limited in practice on Friday.  Kerry Collins took most of the reps with the first team, and it was Collins, not VY, that stayed after practice to get some extra work in with Randy Moss.

Vince is questionable, but it doesn't look like he will be the starter on Sunday at this point.  Obviously it is times like these that having Collins on the roster is so valuable because of his experience, but it really makes the decision to play VY in the San Diego game look really bad.  They could have given him a full 3 weeks to heal up after the injury instead of trying to rush him back.

I am not saying that I think Kerry is the better option, but I am saying that I want a fully healthy Vince Young as the quarterback- especially as we head into the stretch where we have 4 straight games against AFC South opponents.  We still have 2 weeks before that stretch starts so hopefully there is still time for him to get there.