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Titans vs. Dolphins: Predictions from the Contributors

Back by popular demand, it's your Week 9 Predictions from the Contributors! We enjoyed making our predictions for the Charger game so much, that we thought we would try something new and get the bloggers from the opposing team involved and see what they thought about our upcoming matchup. So this week, not only do we bring you the genius contributors from Music City Miracles, our friends from The Phinsider join us to drop some knowledge.

And for those of you keeping score at home, the contributor that was closest to the actual final at San Diego was none other than gramsey712, who picked the Chargers to be victorious by a final score of 30-24. That means he wins. Forever.


RANDY MOSS!!!!!!!! Pull yo 84 jerseys's gonna be a fun ride. I know we have a game on Sunday against somebody, but the thing that most of us are more excited about than anything is the debut of our new (not so) secret weapon. Now RANDY MOSS don't need to revitalize nothin' , and I believe his contribution will be felt from the first time he steps on the field in Miama. Because when RANDY MOSS takes the ball deep, he takes the top off the defense. And if he can't get to it, nobody can't get to it. And that is a good thing in case you were wondering.

Now recently it's nothing but Moss this Moss that MossthisMossthat, but don't forget about our D. We know that Chad Pennington is starting for the Dolphins on Sunday, but Jason Jones, MikeGriff, ATV and the rest of the crew have but one goal...and that is to not give the Miami crowd any reason to have even one clap. And that means breaking Pennington's streak of good performances against Tennessee.

Titans beat the brakes off the Dolphins. Titans 34-Dolphins 10


This isn’t the Titans team that ESPN has told you about. The typical media drivel is that this is a team that solely relies on Chris Johnson and that allows Vince Young to be a game manager. Football Outsiders gives us a different perspective. We rank 8th in Passing DVOA and 20th in Rushing DVOA. The Kenny Britt injury certainly hurts this team. However, Tennessee just picked up Randy Moss, who has historically had great success against Miami. With Vince throwing the deep ball more than any other quarterback in the NFL (by percentage), I expect Randy will pick up right where he left off. It doesn’t hurt their chances that Miami has been struggling in pass defense.

I see this one staying close early, but the Titans vertical passing game will deliver a couple of backbreakers in the second half. Titans cruise 35-17

August West

I think the Titans should roll in this one. The D will be able to handle Pennington due to his limitations, which should prevent getting gashed in the run game. The offense will be able to work in Randy Moss well enough, but I doubt he goes bonkers. I get the feeling Muchack will have smoothed out the O-line play over the bye week, and the Titans will work in a few gimmick plays with the extra time they had to prepare. As long as the Titans play sound special teams and protect the ball they should take care of business thanks to extra rest and new wrinkles in the game plan. Titans 30-Dolphins 10

Big Tuna

The Titans have got to have this one, and I think they will get it. The addition of Randy Moss is going to inject the spark into this team that Jeff Fisher has been looking for since week 2. HA!

This game sets up well for the Titans on defense because they will be able to crowd the line of scrimmage because of Chad Pennington's lack of arm strength. That should make shutting the run game down easier.
I don't see the Dolphins scoring more than 17 points.

On offense.....RANDY MOSS!!!!!!!11 I expect him to take the ball deep take the top off the defense a couple of times early with one of them being for a score. Chris Johnson will have his best game of the year and the Titans win big. Titans 34-Dolphins 14


I expect Vince Young to play at close to, if not full strength on Sunday in Miami.

I don’t think Randy Moss will do much in his debut, but Chris Johnson will have his first ‘09-style game this season, getting close to 200 yards rushing, greatly benefiting from Moss’s presence, as well as his bye week. With Chad Pennington in, I expect the Dolphins to run the ball a lot. The Titans were clearly worn down when we saw them last in San Diego, so I expect a re-energized team to come out in Miami.

While I do expect the Titans to win this game, I think it will be a tough one that comes down to who performs better in the fourth quarter. Titans 24-Dolphins 20.

Our special guest from The Phinsider, Matty I

This game just took on an entire new dynamic when Tony Sparano announced the switch at quarterback. Chad Pennington will now be under center, hoping to spark a Miami offense that has struggled to score touchdowns. His skillset is much more suited for Dan Henning's offense and I expect the Dolphins to come out and attack Tennessee's secondary early on in the game. But the key for the Dolphins will be on the defensive side of the ball, where containing Chris Johnson and Randy Moss is near impossible. The best Miami's defense can hope for, I guess, is to make the Titans one-dimensional. I'm looking for a relatively high scoring game that likely comes down to the fourth quarter. And late in a must-win game for the Dolphins, in CP10 I trust. Dolphins 27-Titans 23

Thanks to Matty for joining us this week!

Let us know what you think!

Go Titans!