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Randy Moss and the Tennessee Titans Myth #2

This is the second of a two-part series.

The other thing that they guys on the morning show on 104.5 here in Nashville this morning spent an extended period of time talking about in reference to Randy Moss was about the affect he is going to have on the young receivers the Titans have.  They were saying that it is possible guys like Lavelle Hawkins and Damian Williams could see Moss jog off the line on running plays and think that it is OK for them to do the same thing. 

That is just stupid.  First of all, if Hawk and Williams think it is a good idea for them to jog off the line just because Moss does it, then they aren't cut out to be NFL receivers.  Cortland Finnegan said yesterday that he didn't think other guys would let that rub off on them because your job is on the line every single day in the league.  The young receivers on this roster are smart enough to figure that out.

Percy Harvin, who I think it is safe to call a young receiver, had nothing but good things to say about Moss's work ethic.  He was reportedly pretty upset when Moss was released.  Here is the money quote from John Glennon from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

The biggest thing he taught you: "There was no biggest thing. It was everything from little details to real big things, but I wouldn’t nit-pick one thing that we specifically worked on. But he’s definitely expanded my game a whole lot.

Yep, sounds like Moss taught Harvin how to go through the motions.


Greg Camarillo hasn't been in the league that much longer than Lavelle Hawkins (who Kuharksy specifically mentioned this morning on the radio as a guy who could be influenced). Here is what he had to say about Moss.

What did Moss show to you? "(A great) understanding of offenses and defenses. He's seen so many things in this league that he was able to talk to us, young receivers, give us his knowledge and help us understand what has made him successful in this league."

Boy, sure sounds like the Titans should be worried.

Kuharsky also talked about how dangerous it could be for the team to have a double standard for Moss.  He pointed out that he is going to be watching how Jeff Fisher treats him after Fisher said on Monday that everyone will be treated the same.  First- Half of the stuff Fisher says isn't true.  Second- People who are more successful in life don't live by the same rules as everyone else.  That is just a fact.  You have all seen it in your jobs, and in the news when a celebrity gets in trouble.  That is just the way it is, and it is the way it will be between the coaches and Moss. 

Lastly, if Moss does spend a game jogging off the line and bringing down the entire city of Nashville, the Titans can just cut him.  I couldn't help but think that if Moss as listening to that conversation this morning he would have replied with "Moss this.  Moss that.  MossthisMossthat."