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Week 8/Bye Week: Life's Blessings

My jersey on the Mayfair Wall of Fame
My jersey on the Mayfair Wall of Fame

Dear MCM/Titans fans,

Sorry once again for not doing one last week, but with the bye week being upon us, I was definitely preoccupied. But I will start out with the bad, which would be the San Diego game.

The San Diego game was another heart-breaking loss, much similar to the Broncos game. A game we should have won, but did not make enough plays to win the game. I was personally not too pleased with my performance. I didn't get beat bad, but felt there were some opportunities to make some plays. But that is the way I feel after every loss. I thought there were some good though. Chris Johnson touchdown run was definitely spectacular. Thought Vince Young has continued his strong play. Defensively we did some good things, but felt we didn't make the big play at crucial times. The season is still young and this was a learning opportunity. We looked at the film and now we are on Miami and excited to get back out there on the field.

Speaking of the Bye Week, mine was jam-packed but relaxing all the same. I went home on Thursday night, which is in Los Angeles. First thing in the morning I went to my high school, Mayfair. They held two assemblies, which encompassed their annual fall sports assembly and incorporated my jersey retirement ceremony. The ceremony was such a grand event. It started off with a highlight video from my high school days when I won the city of Lakewood athlete of the year all the way to the two interceptions I have had with the Titans. I got standing ovations from everyone at the school. Then my head coach Mike Fitch, my counselor Ms. Burfurd, My friend/coach Darrell Turner, and principal Mrs. McKinley all introduced me to the school from a scholastic and athletic standpoint. Then the principal unveiled my jersey which is linked here. That was so exciting to see the covering drop and see my jersey next to Josh Childress. I remember being a senior in high school when they retired Josh’s jersey and dreaming of having that happened to me. Then shortly after that they played a message from UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel giving his blessings to my high school and to their game to be played that day. So it was a a privilege for my school to honor me in such a way. I did many autographs and photo ops, which I enjoyed. I felt bad because I wasn’t able to see some friends who came to support me due to there being limited space and I wasn’t able to sign everyone’s stuff.

Then I went to our high school game against Artesia, which we won convincingly. This was the first instance that I really did feel like a celebrity with all the attention people were giving me. Definitely a new feeling. Then I went to the UCLA game the next day with my girlfriend. Tailgated with my boy Chris Horton and his girl Nikki. It was great being back in the UCLA atmosphere, getting to run into Maurice Drew and Marcedes Lewis and a few other alums. Then seeing my old teammates and coaches was great also. I just loved being back in the rose bowl. I loved that place and have many memories there. To top off the reunions I was so happy we got the win against OSU. Last second field goal by All-American kicker Kai Forbath. A great game and a great day to be alive and to be a Bruin!

Then lastly, I just chilled with my family and girl. I watched NFL football all day with my dad; I went to see "Due Date" with my sisters and girl. Then Monday I came back, but I capped off the bye with a trip to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles before I left that morning. Got me my chicken omelette and waffle and was in heaven. A must eat place if you're in Los Angeles.

So that was basically my bye week. I am back and can’t be anymore excited than to prepare to go out play. We got a great opponent in Miami this week and I am excited to match up against Brandon and Bess. This is a big game for us, for we need to continue to have a good record going into divisional play. I am also excited to go to Miami because I will be meeting up with my old UCLA teammate and fellow corner Michael Norris and his wife while out there. Mike's one of my best friends from that school and I am excited to see him there.

The big news for us was the acquisition of Randy Moss. This is a guy I have watched growing up and been a fan of. I mean when you get your own expression "you been moss’ed" then that is saying something already. I think he will help our team tremendously and I think we are going to be even more dangerous. So I can’t wait to see him in that Titan blue.

I also picked up this new Kinect for the Xbox. It is way better than the Wii in my opinion and I think I am hooked on it already. The sports are fun and I haven’t had time to play the others, but it has been a blast. Definitely more of a family type system though.

Once again sorry for the wait. This was a quick glimpse on what has been happening for me. The bye week was well spent and I got plenty of rest. I enjoyed being home and seeing everyone I love and care about. But I have definitely been missing Tennessee with my titan family while we are on this quest for the AFC South title. Much love to everyone and may God Bless every single individual. Stay tuned and enjoy the show this weekend at Miami.

P.S. Congrats to Michael Griffin for being AFC Defensive Player of the Month. Definitely deserving and the best is yet to come for him!


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