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Tennessee Titans @ Dallas Cowboys : 5 Keys to Victory

  1. Don't be run happy. In all likelihood, Chris Johnson will probably not have a monster game this week. The Cowboys run defense in currently eighth in the league, and they have had 2 weeks to key in on CJ. The Cowboys are also one of only ten teams in the league that has not allowed a run over 30 yards this season.
  2. Calm down. No more unnecessary penalties, okay? The Titans are the most penalized team in the league, and that needs to be changed. This team has the most personal fouls in the league, and these 15 yard penalties are going to catch up with us eventually if they continue.
  3. Let Vince loose.  The Titans are going to have to win this one through the air. If Chris Johnson is limited , the Titans will have to depend on VY. Yes, this is said every week, but Vince Young will have to win the game for the Titans. Justin Gage is out this week, so we will get to see a lot of Kenny Britt and Nate Washington, and even a little of Lavelle Hawkins. Maybe Vince will be inspired by playing in his home state?
  4. Run down Romo. The Cowboys offense is good. If the Titans defense can get to Tony Romo frequently, it will make life difficult for the Cowboys. The Titans have proved they are capable, as they are tied for the most sacks in the league with 16, but the Cowboys offensive line has only allowed one sack all year. Derrick Morgan is a going to be a big loss, as the rotation gets a little smaller,  but that is the point of a rotation.
  5. Don't allow the big play. The Cowboys have an excellent receiving core, with Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Roy Williams leading the pack.  That isn't even including Jason Witten, who needs to be accounted for at all times. The Titans need to stay in soft coverage this game. One of the knocks on Alterraun Verner when he was competing for the starting cornerback position was his speed, and the Cowboys have speed. The safeties need to be on their game tomorrow.