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Tennessee Titans vs. Dallas Cowboys: The Last Three Meetings

The Dallas Cowboys are not a team the Titans see very often being in opposite conferences, but here is a look at the last three times these two teams faced each other:

The first ever meeting between the Titans, meaning after the name change, and the Cowboys came in Nashville on Christmas night in 2000.  It was 20 degrees in Nashville that night, and I went down there to try and get tickets out front.  I thought it might be an easy ticket because it was freezing and Christmas night, but it was not. 

The Titans won that game in a route, 31-0, which was not surprising considering that was the best Titans team ever and the Cowboys were 5-11 that year.  The Cowboys QB that night was Anthony Wright who was 5 of 20 for 35 yards in that game.  The immortal Emmitt Smith had 12 carries for 20 yards, and they didn't have a receiver in that game that you have ever heard of

The second meeting took place in Texas Stadium on September 15, 2002.  The Titans lost that game 21-13.  That was the first of four straight losses for the Titans after winning the opener against the Eagles.  That was the first time I ever really remember anyone calling for Jeff Fisher's job.  I vaguely remember that game, but I can't really remember anything of any importance that happened.


That is not the case for the last meeting between these two teams, which you will remember as the Stomp Game in 2006.  The Titans got smoked 45-14, Albert Haynesworth stomped on Andre Gurode's helmet-less head as Vince Young made his first career start.  A couple of interesting things from that box score- Ben Troupe had 3 catches,  hope he saved a ball from that game, and Mike Vanderjagt was the Cowboys kicker.  I don't remember him kicking for the Cowboys.