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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings : The "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" Edition

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After the jump is a roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 5. Our average spot is around 17.


This Week Last Week Commentary
Yahoo! Sports -- 11 --
ESPN 19 13 They need to shore up pass defense for Dallas. (Kuharsky) 11 6 Can’t seem to get out of their own way at times, but I still expect them to contend. 21 16 When RB Chris Johnson is shut down, the Titans are just an average football team.
Sporting News 14 10 Chris Johnson has another difficult matchup ahead with the speedy Dallas defense.
USA Today 19 16 --
CBS Sports 16 14 The inconsistency lives for the young team. They win at New York and then come home and lose to Denver? Not good.
SB Nation 18 15 What happened to Chris Johnson's 2,500 yard rushing campaign? He's nowhere near that pace and couldn't do enough to help the Titans beat the Broncos (at home). Tennessee's gotta beat teams like the Broncos if they're going to be contenders in the AFC.
Fox Sports 15 3 Despite losing at home to Denver, Tennessee is still a good football team. But we're starting to see when RB Chris Johnson doesn't put up big numbers, it's hard for them to win. Vince Young simply can't bring the team back when they are trailing in the second half.
ProFootballWeekly 17 13 That Mariani kid looked good ... until he botched the kickoff. -- -- -- 17 10 With a chance to go to 3-1, Tennessee turned in another uneven performance in a home loss to Denver. The Titans are 1-2 at home, and they just don't look like a Super Bowl contender. They do, however, have a solid defense and they can run the ball, two major ingredients if they are to be around in January.
ProFootballTalk 11 5  The Titans are becoming today's version of the 1970s Raiders without, you know, winning a bunch of games.     
What if Sports 7 7 --