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Week 4 - The Start

My first start was a memeorable one, would have been great with the win, but that will come!
My first start was a memeorable one, would have been great with the win, but that will come!

Dear MCM/Titans fans,

What a heartbreaking and painful loss we just suffered. I thought we had the game in our grasp and just misfortune struck us and it wasn’t meant to be. We have accepted that fate and have definitely moved on to this week's game, which I am plenty excited for. Also, please keep your prayers out for Derrick Morgan. What a catastrophic thing that happened to him and it is definitely a big loss for us. He was an explosive player for us and will be truly missed. He will get back stronger for us because that is the type of character he has.

I would like to talk about things that happened in the game that did get me excited. First and foremost, I was so excited to see Marc Mariani get that KO return for a touchdown. That was a big thing and couldn’t have happened to a better football player. Also thought Javon Ringer had a great run in the game and seems to show up big week in and out. There are so many people on defense that played so well. Once again, Michael Griffin balled out of control again, adding to his resume another INT. He has already done almost everything possible on the defensive side. The D-line has been playing well with Dave Ball being a sack machine so far, UCLA alum I might add. Then, linebacker's play has been consistent this whole year. So I am extremely proud of the D and everyone for the efforts this week. Everybody gave it there all and that is the most important thing.

Yes, I made my first start as a Tennessee Titan. It was an exciting week and it was a true blessing to represent my university, coaches, friends and family out there. One of the most enjoyable experiences was to get introduced before the game since they did the defensive starters. My heart was racing and I just couldn’t believe that this was happening. I had all but a few minutes to figure out a routine to do coming out, but I just went with my old college sign. The X signifying my speed coach Erich Nall and then the 3s on my fingers to represent my family, aka my sister who’s favorite number is 33. But I will be changing it to just the X. My teammates gave me a warm welcome to the club by cheering as I ran out and I knew I have finally made it. It was a memory I won’t ever forget and hopefully have some more times to do in the future!

My performance was okay. Many felt that I played really well and I think it is because they are accounting for me being a rookie. I am highly competitive and self-critical so I found many faults on my part that probably aren’t that serious. I dislike when any receiver catches the ball on me even if it is a great catch/coverage. But overall I must say I was pleased with the experience and I just thank God for allowing me the opportunity. It was so fun playing the whole game against the Broncos. Also the fact that it was a close game and I was a part of it and was looked upon to make plays to help the team win, I can tell the coaches had confidence in me. So I am looking for myself to get much better this week and hopefully create some turnovers finally.

So this week is going to be a crucial week of preparation. We are playing a high-powered team this week. They are going to be a great opponent and an almost must-win game. We need this as a team desperately in my opinion so we need to be focused and take care of business. I know so many Cowboys fans so it will be great to just be able to laugh at all of them when we come out on top this week! I will be looking forward to that moment.

Today I had the extreme privilege of going to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. It was a humbling experience as always and to see the smiles arise from those kids was something to be remembered. They were so appreciative and happy to see us. I was able to hold a little baby, which I enjoyed because the baby was so small and the parents trusted me with their baby. So I definitely had fun and Mike Reinfeldt, who was absolutely great with all the kids, accompanied me. I have gone to see two movies this past week. Wall Street and Social Network were both really good movies. I enjoyed both of them. They both were great for the fact that they were fairly intellectually driven and made you think. So I really enjoyed both of those movies. I am missing home a little bit more every week. Not being able to see any of my loved ones been tough. I will be back in a month though, so that keeps me going.

Lastly had the honor of being named a nominee for Pepsi NFL rookie of the week against some good players such as, Sam Bradford, Joe Haden, Ryan Matthews, and Taylor Mays. It is really a pleasure since all these people went in the first round except Taylor who was a high second rounder. And then there is me that went in the fourth. I was shocked but happy for the nomination. You can vote here if you want: It would be much appreciated.

Hope everyone has a blessed week and get ready to watch a great game Sunday against the Cowboys.


Alterraun Verner #20

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