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The Gerald McRath Might Not Start Talk is Ridiculous

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All of the mainstream media outlets have printed at least a blurb in the last 24 hours about whether or not Gerald McRath will be inserted in the starting line-up right away.  Of course they did this because Jeff Fisher gave one of his patented non-answers yesterday when asked the question (from Glennon's story):

"We'll have him on special teams and we'll get him involved in the defense," Fisher said. "How much he'll play I don't know. He understandably may be a little rusty."

Hey Jeff- Pull out the tape from the Giants game, and fast forward to the 8:05 mark in the first quarter.  Watch Kevin Boss run right by Jamie Winborn for a 54 yard reception- the longest of his career by 19 yards!  Any other questions?

On a serious note, it will be a huge lift to this defense to have McRath back out there.  It will add more speed to the linebacking corps and will also allow Stephen Tulloch to not have to play as many snaps.  The defense has been solid so far and getting McRath back makes them even better.