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Never Thought I'd Say This: The Titans Have Big Problems on the Offensive Line

It is tough to remember a time where the Titans biggest problem was the offensive line, but that is what we are looking at right now.  Sure this team has quite a few issues, but if the Titans can't get Chris Johnson going, it is going to be a long season.

Vince Young can do more than he is currently being allowed to do, but as long as Jeff Fisher is calling the shots this is going to be a run first offense.  That means until CJ gets the running lanes back that he had last year we are going to keep seeing games like yesterday.  The Titans scored enough points to win, but can't put a game away.  That causes the defense to get tired because they are on the field a whole lot, something like 21 minutes in the second half yesterday.  That is a recipe for losing every single time.

I know the easy thing is to say get Kevin Mawae back in here and all of the problems are over.  I have no doubt that the line is missing Mawae's leadership, but his play had been slipping for a couple of years.  The group that is currently out there is better physically than the one that was out there last year.

It is also not just as easy to say that teams are loading the box this season.  They were doing that last year and there was still room for CJ to have a decent season.

Mike Munchak is arguably the best offensive line coach in the league.  I have no doubt he can fix this unit, but he needs to do it in a hurry or we are looking at a long season.