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Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers : 5 Keys to Victory

1. Force turnovers. Boy do the Chargers make mistakes. They lead the league in turnovers and stupid mistakes. Boy do the Titans force mistakes. They lead the league in sacks and takeaways. The main key for this game is to turn turnovers into points and make them worthwhile, something the Titans have done successfully this season, leading the league in points off turnovers. 

2. Make plays on special teams. Returner Marc Mariani was held for the most part against Philadelphia last week, but the Chargers are last in the league in punt coverage, allowing 23.6 yards per return. They are also the only team in the AFC to allow a punt return for a touchdown. Sunday seems like a great day for Mariani to give the Titans good field position, something they may need against the best defense in the league statistically.  

3. Pressure Rivers. The Chargers are 20th in sacks against and the Titans are first in sacks for, which probably has the Titans defensive line licking their chops. With the wide receivers and tight ends already thin in depth for the Chargers, pressure on Philip Riverscan limit the passing game for the Chargers even further and force them to run the ball. Philip Rivers has an issue holding on the ball, and he already has six fumbles in seven games. 

4. Offensive balance. Now that Kenny Britt is emerging as a major offensive weapon, teams may be forced to double team him and put one less player in the box to stop Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson is itching for a big touchdown run, something he has surprisingly not done very often this year. One more week and CJ gets a much needed bye week. Offensive play calling has been stellar in the past few weeks, and offensive balance is a major reason why. 

5. Be confident. This franchise has never won against the San Diego Chargers in their history of being the Tennessee Titans. Also, the Titans have typically not done well on the west coast, though that trend is changing. I have a feeling that for the Titans to beat the Chargers for the first time, they need as much mental strength as physical strength. Yes, the Chargers do lead the league in both offense and defense, but they make a lot of mistakes that can be cashed in on.